Announcing the winner of our “If You Kill My Demons” art competition: Viktor Pedersen!

Viktor Pedersen

Viktor work will be a key focus in the lyric video for our next single, “If You Kill My Demons”. We felt this masterfully rendered piece successfully conveyed themes of death, vulnerability, isolation, addiction and fragmenting identity, all of which are central to the song. We like the ambiguity of gender, age, race, culture, sexuality and even temporal placement, all of which make this art universally effective. The subtle window frame in the background is such a tasteful and evocative way of both creating a sense of space and of metaphorical entrapment. What appear to be bejewelled eyes adds another layer of intrigue, and the DB logo on the mirror is a nice touch. Congratulations, victorious Viktor!
We’re truly humbled by how much time, thought and heart you all put into your artwork, so we have chosen a number of our other favourites in the gallery below. Seeing how you interpreted the words and music was fascinating and it was life-affirming to see our passion inspiring your passion.