My voice begins to shatter,
Heartbeat fading,
Memories are scattered like torn-out pages.
Suddenly a glimmer of you,
But I hear it as you whisper:
Your heart is breaking.

Cover me when night comes crashing,
Underneath the everlasting,
Shelter from the emptiness,
Save me from the midnight’s kiss.

The night becomes the murderer,
So walk with me into the battle.
In time we’ll find the murderer,
But tonight the crows will leave the castle

Stare into the wreckage,
Tainted mirror,
Blurred around the edges,
I face the killer.

“Nevermore,” – the word eternal,
Carnivores – the raven circle,
Calling in the emptiness,
They draw me to the precipice.

You rise again to fight the battle,
Tonight the crows will leave the castle.